When to Book an All-Inclusive

Hermitage Bay

1. You can’t or don’t want to deal with having to get from one place to another.

Airport transfers are normally included with the room rate at an all-inclusive. You won’t have to deal with picking up a rental car, hailing a cab, or buying a map.

2. You don’t your spending to be like paying for a whole other vacation.

The rate for an all-inclusive covers almost everything from food, drinks, taxes, even tips. This eliminates having a huge bill when you go to check out.

3. You plan on never leaving the resort.

If the furthest you plan on wandering is from your suite to the beach, an all-inclusive may be exactly what you want. However, don’t worry about getting bored. Most have at least half a dozen or more restaurants, and some even offer activities like scuba diving for free.


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