Travel Talk with Alison: Honeymoon and Romantic Getaway’s


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When planning your honeymoon or romantic getaway, you should consider the following-

1. What interests’ do the two of you share, what can you compromise on, and can you do separate activities for part of the trip? For example, if one of you wants to golf and the other doesn’t, is there something for the non-golfer to do? Is there a deal breaker that you have to have? A good travel agent can find the perfect spot for each of you.

2. ANY destination can be romantic if the two of you are together! You don’t need to be pigeon holed to “honeymoon” destinations. 

3. How much vacation time do you have? Going to Bora Bora, Australia or even Hawaii sounds great, but requires lengthy flights.

4. What is your budget? Your dream trip may not be possible on the budget you have set aside, but you can still have a nice trip-you plan to be together for the rest of your lives, you can save the dream trip for a year or more down the road. Be upfront with your travel agent, no point in getting estimates way out of your budget.

5. Do you have or can you get a passport? It is taking about 6 weeks for a first time passport issue.

Now that you have these questions discussed, it is time to sit down and plan with a professional. It generally doesn’t cost anything to work with an agent, but be sure to ask before you get started.

Now is the time to fit the pieces together.


Small budget?

Air and hotel to Florida, Myrtle Beach or Arizona. You would need a rental car and can control what you spend on food and beverages. Cruises can also be very cost effective.

Mid budget?

Air and hotel to a Caribbean or Mexico destination which would include air, transfers, all meals, all alcoholic drinks, plus evening entertainment, possibly excursions and water sports. Easiest to budget because you know the cost up front.

High end budget?

Hawaii, Australia, Europe- airfare is the biggest factor, you can pay $1500-$2000 per person for airfare and still have your hotels, transportation and meals.

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