The Ivy Hotel, San Diego

A nice clear view into the bathroom.

This post is from guest blogger Cari Miller, Alison’s daughter.

In a recent trip to San Diego, my husband and I were thrilled to stay in the lovely Ivy Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. A 4 1/2 star hotel isn’t the norm for us, but we splurged a bit, and also got a fantastic deal. A lovely little boutique hotel right in the heart of everything in San Diego, this hotel really lived up to it’s star rating.

The first thing we were pleased by with this overall cozy feel of he lobby. It’s not a big lobby by any means, but it was warm and inviting – not at all stuffy and snobby, like you sometimes find with ritzy hotels. There was a nice looking restaurant and bar attached, though we never made our way in.

The next good sign of a nice hotel is the service at the front desk. We were unlucky enough to have our main piece of luggage -which included all of our toiletries- get lost on our way in to San Diego. Not only were the front desk staff helpful in directing us to the nearest drug store, but they also supplied us with some necessities, including a nice toothbrush (not the tiny ones you sometimes get), toothpaste, and deodorant. Not too bad.

We made our way up to the room and were just as pleased with our room. It was a bit small, but very very comfortable and well appointed. Nice linens and a comfortable bed, a nice flatscreen TV, and a fancy minibar (though we didn’t dare taste the $8 cashews). One thing I especially liked with this minibar was the addition of a Keurig coffee maker – they brew one cup at a time from a pod. This was complementary, of course.

A few photos of our room:

A cozy bed.

Flatscreen TV and desk area.

No hotel room is complete without a minibar.

And the one slightly odd feature of the room was that one wall of the bathroom was completely transparent glass. So no modesty allowed in this room!

A nice clear view into the bathroom.

The hotel had a number of other nice features that we didn’t make much use of due to our short stay, but we did at least get a peak at the rooftop patio, which was quite nice. I can definitely see hanging out up there with friends and a glass of wine! The other thing this hotel features, which we didn’t even venture into, is the Envy. A nightclub/wine bar/lounge that apparently can get quite rowdy on the weekends.

Frankly, we were a bit nervous when we made the booking as their marks on are not exactly glowing. The reviews all seemed to be glowing or just scathing, with very little in between. What we seem to have learned is that this may  be a hotel to avoid over peak weekend days (Thursday, Friday, Sasturday) unless you’re a young partier who wants to be clubbing until 2 or 3am. But if you’re there during the week, it’s a really lovely hotel that we’d gladly stay in again.

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