Oceania Nautica, Day 5: Santorini

Beautiful Santorini

Beautiful Santorini

How many pictures have you seen with the beautiful blue and white of Santorini?  It is one of the places that never disappoints me.  Luckily this time we are in the age of digital cameras because Kodak made a fortune selling film on earlier trips.

We came by ship, so we tendered in to the bottom cable car station.  We had a bit of a wait (15 minutes or so)  to get tickets to get on the cable car.  It was 4 euros each way.  Some in our group walked up the hill, and said it was an okay walk (not too strenuous) but you had to dodge the donkeys and the donkey droppings which made the stairs slippery.  No one chose to ride the donkeys which I understand can be a bumpy, smelly and fearful!  I think the cable car was the better choice.  The cable car takes you to the town of Fira and all the shops and restaurants nearby.  We went straight to our bus and drove to the Santos winery.  The wine was good, but the scenery was even better!

We then went to Oia Village (pronounced “E ah”).  Each street, doorway and shop is a picture stop.  You see the beautiful Greek churches with their blue domes and the whitewashed buildings.  The doorways seem to lead to nowhere, but there are steps on the other side of the doorways that lead down to homes tucked along the cliff side.  The cobblestone streets are full of artist galleries, shops and restaurants, and there are many places you can get to beautiful panoramic views.

My daughter and her husband honeymooned in Oia – I will have her add a few words from someone lucky enough to spend a week in Santorini and not just one day cruise stop.  There is an airport serving Santorini with a few flights daily from Athens.

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