Oceania Cruise, Day 4: Delos and Mykonos

Some of my group in the Taverna in Mykonos


I was excited to go to Delos, one of two places I had not been to before on this 14 day Mediterranean cruise.

Delos is an uninhabited archaeological sight only a few miles from Mykonos.   The whole island is only 1 ½ square miles. We anchored off the coast and tendered in.  The whole island is protected as a historical site and has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  There is an entrance fee of 5 euros to explore the site.



It is a very barren and desolate looking island and I wondered why it was such an important religious and political center for such a long time.  Reading the history I discovered that it was because of its non use for anything else; it was built up as a religious place.  It has a good harbor and location in the Aegean so it became a trading post.

The antiquities are impressive as is the archaeological museum.  One of the most interesting sights is the Avenue of Lions – they have replicas outside and the originals are in the museum.  They believe there to have been at least 9 erected in the 7th century BC.  They have 5 remaining and one is in Venice.

It was very windy the day we were there, but a few hours of exploring was well worth the visit.


Beautiful Mykonos


I had been to Mykonos before, and did some of the same things I had enjoyed doing before.  I wandered down the narrow side streets and admired the doorways and balconies.  I walked out to look at the windmills and then settled down for a drink at a waterfront taverna.  The ship tendered here as well and I opted to go back to the ship for dinner, but in the past I have had dinner on the waterfront, watching the sunset and the windmills.  A very enjoyable visit.


Some of my group in the Taverna in Mykonos

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