Norwegian Pearl Trip (Nov 14-21): Ports of Call

In my first blog about this trip I discussed the ship.  Now I would like to discuss the ports that we visited.


The first port of call was Samana which is in the Dominican Republic.  As a travel agent, I have always tried to be honest and not snow any of my clients.  There is not a positive that I can really come up with about this port.  When you get off the ship, you have to tender into the port.  Awaiting for you there is your typical Caribbean trinket outlets where you can barter.  The problem that I had was the amount of children that beg and sometimes hound you to buy shells and other trinkets.  I don’t care that you ask me to buy something, but no really does mean no and they have no problem following you.  The other thing that I had a problem with is how dirty it was.  I know that it is standard in the Caribbean to be dirty, but not to this extent.  Trash all over and sewage in the streets, made for a not so great time.  I will say this, those that took excursions off the ship had a wonderful time and missed the mess I got to see.  So my suggestion would be to do a excursion here, or stay on the ship.


Talk about one extreme to the other.  St. Thomas was beautiful.  Pristine beaches, wonderful shopping and very nice excursions.  The shopping was very inexpensive; especially alcohol and tobacco products.  You can get very nice souvenirs here as well.  We also talked to several people who went to Megan’s Bay Beach and said that that was one of the best beaches they have been to.  We went on a snorkeling excursion.  This was my 1st time and it did take me 15min to realize that I was not going to drown.  But after I got the hang of it we saw everything from stingrays to starfish.  I highly recommend this.


I could really sum this up by saying it is the British Virgin Island equivalent to St. Thomas.  Same beauty and shopping, same excursions for the most part.  I highly recommend shopping in one area and doing an excursion in the other area if you do both ports.


This is NCL’s private island located in the Bahamas.  Very nice, but very crowded.  Water was beautiful but the beaches were very rocky.  You can rent rafts, snorkel, kayaks, and other water sport things to make your day here enjoyable.  They do cater the beach with hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, etc.

So those were the ports that I visited.  Check back soon to get my review of the Norwegian Pearl.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to cal me.

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