Need help packing?


We know you all probably know how to pack but I wanted to share this in the hopes that this article may make it a little bit easier for you.

The Roll-Up Squeeze

1. Fold clothing lengthwise.

2. Roll tightly, like a sleeping bag.

3. Place in your bag, with heavier items closer to the wheels for balance.


The Layer Cake

1. Layer dry-cleaner plastic or tissue paper between items.

2. Leave blouses and dresses on hangers for easy unpacking.

3. Fill suitcase, by tucking belts and accessories into corners.


Ziploc Space Bags are great for bulky items as you can hook them up to a vacuum cleaner to suck all of the air out. It can leave you a ton of extra space in your bag. However, make sure to call the hotel to see if you can borrow a vacuum from housekeeping before your flight home (; from $20 for nine).


Porta-Pockets make it easy to move clothes from your suitcase to your hotel drawers. Inner pouches in the bag make finding accessories and undergarments easy (; $38 for a set of three; shown).

Pack-It Specter Cube Set

Courtesy of Travel + Leisure


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