Guest Series: Eating & Drinking in Italy: An Evening in San Gimignano

Guest bloggers Cari & Adam Miller just returned from a two week trip to Italy, and are blogging about their experiences. We will share their posts here over the next week or two.


Our villa in Tuscany was located just 20 minutes from San Gimignano, a medieval walled city that is home to many restaurants, shops and a big attraction to tourists.  Thanks to Divina Cucina (and my mom for finding her website), we had already eaten our best meal of the trip in Chianti.  Who knew that later in the same day, she’d have just as good of a recommendation for dinner – one that was slightly off the beaten path and seemingly authentic?

Ristorante Dorando (website) was among the higher-end restaurants we visited on this trip, and it was interesting to experience the Italian take on fine cuisine.  So many of the places we visited were trattorias or family-friendly spots, so this provided a much different experience…

Read more about their experiences in San Gimignano here.

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