Why should I use a travel agent, rather than planning my trip online?
Planning a trip can be confusing and time consuming. A travel agent has the knowledge and experience to ensure every aspect of your planning is smooth. This means saving you money on transportation with early booking discounts or special fares, booking hotels and resorts that are well-suited to your needs, and notifying you of any travel advisories that you should know about. Advance Travel agents work with the best technology in the industry and can often find better deals than many of the online-booking alternatives. Most importantly, we provide our customers with peace of mind – our service doesn’t end once you pay, we are happy to help you if any problems arise before or during your vacation.

How much does it cost to use a travel agent?
A travel agent’s services are usually provided at absolutely no cost to you. When booking a tour, hotel, car rental, or cruise, Advance Travel agents do not charge any extra for their services. While we do charge a $20 rate per ticketing fee for flights, this is the lowest ticketing rate in Fort Wayne.

Can a travel agent get me better deals on my trip?
Advance Travel can usually beat internet pricing, especially with international tickets. Travel agents have access to a bargain-finding technology that is not available to the general public. This allows us to see all of the different fares and times available with a few quick keystrokes.

How knowledgeable are travel agents about my destination?
This depends on the agent you speak with. Advance Travel agents are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in Fort Wayne. Our agents have traveled extensively, visiting places like England, Italy, France, Egypt, China, Thailand and Cambodia, along with places closer to home, such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, New York City, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, most Caribbean islands, and Canada! WIth experience like that, we can recommend hotels that we have personally stayed at, restaurants worth visiting, and beaches worth avoiding! When calling Advance Travel, if you have a specific destination in mind – let us know so we can connect you with the best agent to suit your needs.