Destination Weddings: Cruise Lines vs. Resorts

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You and your fiancé have already decided you want to go to a far off place for your big day. Both sound perfectly romantic and adventurous, but what’s the best route for you as a couple? Here are some benefits of each:

Pros of a Cruise Line Wedding

  • You save money- you can save thousands of dollars on your wedding depending on the package you book through the cruise line
  • Cruises are a great way to see several different places in just one trip
  • There are tons of activities to do on the ship that are already included in the price of the cruise
  • You have the opportunity to combine your wedding and honeymoon
  • You can have the captain or first mate officiate your nuptials, how cool is that?!

Pros of a Resort Wedding

  • You save money- just like a cruise wedding you can save money depending on the package you book through the resort
  • All-inclusive options- most resorts offer rooms, meals, and beverages (including alcoholic) in the total cost of the trip
  • Resort style weddings tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere- after the ceremony you can have a reception or just lay on the beach with your significant other and drink a pina colada!
  • Perks!- many resorts offer different specials for couples: anything from free nights, free weddings, and other discounts

Resorts and cruises offer a variety of options for every couple. So, let’s face it- it’s really just a win-win situation! Contact us for more perks and ideas for your destination wedding!

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