Why Should You Travel?

Why should you? It’s a very simple question. Why would you want to jump out of your comfort zone, go to foreign places, and explore the world? There are many people who are just born with that innate desire to seek out adventure, but there are those who need a little more convincing. Here are […]

Are We There Yet?

We all know it can be difficult to travel with children. Children get bored quickly and often get cranky when they are not entertained. Whether it be on an airplane or a car ride, here are some DIY activities that will make traveling with them just a little bit easier. Happy Traveling! Click the picture […]

Palace Resorts is Coming to Jamaica!

Palace Resorts will soon own Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Palace will officially own the resort on July 7, and will close it on September 1 for renovations. The resort will reopen in early 2015 as the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande. According to Gibran Chapur, executive vice president for Palace Resorts, Jamaica was […]

4 Cruise Ships Your Teen Will Love

We know it can be tough to find the perfect vacation for your teen. They are in the awkward, in-between stage of childhood and adulthood and it can be hard to cater to their wants when it comes to a vacation they will enjoy. These cruises will meet their wants as well as the rest […]

Need help packing?

We know you all probably know how to pack but I wanted to share this in the hopes that this article may make it a little bit easier for you. The Roll-Up Squeeze 1. Fold clothing lengthwise. 2. Roll tightly, like a sleeping bag. 3. Place in your bag, with heavier items closer to the wheels […]

The Travel App Everyone Needs

You may be an expert packer but when it comes to packing for your spouse, children, and other members of the family, it can be a bit overwhelming. You most likely end up forgetting something whether it be forgetting to pack your spouse’s favorite shirt or forgetting to have someone water your flowers. Thanks to […]

Choosing and Booking a Cruise

The popularity of cruising is increasing every year, as evidenced by the numbers of new ships being released every year.  Most new ships are bigger than the last ones, with the newest coming out in December holding over 6,000 passengers! Cruising can be one of the least expensive vacations and is very carefree, but how […]