Why Should You Travel?

Why should you? It’s a very simple question. Why would you want to jump out of your comfort zone, go to foreign places, and explore the world? There are many people who are just born with that innate desire to seek out adventure, but there are those who need a little more convincing. Here are […]

A Week in Santorini

This post is from guest blogger Cari Miller, Alison’s daughter. As my mom mentioned in her post on Santorini, my husband and I were lucky enough to spend an entire week in Santorini for our honeymoon in 2007. She’s asked us to put together a few of our thoughts and recommendations, as well as go […]

Oceania Nautica, Day 5: Santorini

How many pictures have you seen with the beautiful blue and white of Santorini?  It is one of the places that never disappoints me.  Luckily this time we are in the age of digital cameras because Kodak made a fortune selling film on earlier trips. We came by ship, so we tendered in to the […]

Alison’s Adventures: Oceania Nautica Day 3 – Rhodes

The third stop  on our Oceania Nautica cruise was Rhodes.  Rhodes is a beautiful island – its name means “Rose” in Greek and is named for its beauty.  It is the largest island in the Aegean. When you first see Rhodes from the water, you see its intact medieval wall.  The old town has castles, […]