Why Should You Travel?

Why should you? It’s a very simple question. Why would you want to jump out of your comfort zone, go to foreign places, and explore the world? There are many people who are just born with that innate desire to seek out adventure, but there are those who need a little more convincing. Here are […]

Caribbean Seminar

We like to offer travel seminars in our office – the better educated you are before you make a decision on a vacation destination, the better chance you will have a great experience!  This is a summary of our first one this year.

Norwegian Pearl Trip (Nov 14-21): Ports of Call

In my first blog about this trip I discussed the ship.  Now I would like to discuss the ports that we visited. SAMANA The first port of call was Samana which is in the Dominican Republic.  As a travel agent, I have always tried to be honest and not snow any of my clients.  There […]


This post is from guest blogger Debi King. I had a great time in Barbados.  I expected it to be a pretty island with nice beaches and that would be it.  It was so much more!  Yes, it is a pretty island.  Yes, there are nice beaches.  I didn’t expect to see green rolling hills […]