Barbados Tour 6

This post is from guest blogger Debi King.

I had a great time in Barbados.  I expected it to be a pretty island with nice beaches and that would be it.  It was so much more!  Yes, it is a pretty island.  Yes, there are nice beaches.  I didn’t expect to see green rolling hills like you’d imagine seeing in Ireland.  I didn’t expect to go on board the Concorde.  And, WOW, the food!  Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Barbados is a relatively small island (21 miles long and 14 miles wide) on the far Eastern side of the Caribbean.  The average day-time temperature is 84-88 degrees F.  It was a British Commonwealth until 1966.  Now it is a proudly independent nation.  The Bajan people seem very relaxed and friendly.  You feel the blending of Spanish, English, Amerindian and Caribbean cultures throughout the island…in the food, art and language.

I was able to take a Barbados Safari Tour one day.  The four-wheel drive vehicle took me and my companions through the deep forests, along the coastline and through “hills of Ireland.”  We made various stops along the way and had very humorous commentary the entire trip.  After the land tour we climed aboard a catamaran.  It took us out into the clear blue waters so we could snorkel with the turtles.  Lunch was provided onboard with soft drinks, juice and rum punch.  After lunch and snorkeling we sailed along the coast and relaxed.  It was soooo much fun!!  The crew was really friendly.  They tried to get everyone to participate in the games but if you said, “No, thanks!”, they didn’t bug you.  They’d just come around to ask if you wanted another drink.

I did the Concorde Experience also.  I didn’t even know the Concorde was there!  It used to fly roundtrip London/Barbados.  Many famous people like Elton John and Elizabeth Taylor purchased tickets.  I got to see and actually board the plane.  I can’t imagine the luxury and prestige of being a passenger aboard one of these legendary aircrafts.  To fly so high you can see the curve of the Earth must have been amazing.  If someone had asked me earlier, “Do you want to go see the Concorde?”  I’d have said no.  But now, having done it, I would love to take my family and see it again!

Another thing I got to do was go to Oistins.  On Friday and Saturday nights, stalls are set up with food and crafts.  It’s fun to mingle with the locals over a great meal.  Flying Fish is very popular in Barbados.  Almost every stall had their own way of preparing it.  Every year they have Oistins Fish Festival.  This would mean tons of people and probably 50 stalls.  So, depending on whether you like crowds or not, you can decide whether to go during the festival.

Bajan Roots & Rhythm was a fabulous dinner show.  It has a traditional Bajan buffet, entertainment and dancing.  There was comedy, amazing stilt walking and even a limbo contest (extremely limber!).  We had a blast!  Again, if you wanted to participate you could but there wasn’t any pressure.

Whether you stay at an all-inclusive resort like I did or eat at the one of the Zagat rated restaurants like Champers, you won’t go hungry.  You will find a variety of restaurant options.  From high-end to inexpensive.  The Almond Casuarina (the all-inclusive resort I stayed at) had fabulous meal choices.  Breakfast was a huge buffet.  I was usually gone at lunch-time so I’m not sure what type of dining they have available.  Dinner was a la carte dining at one of three restaurants with a great variety of choices from familiar favorites to local flavor.

Whether you are looking for mild adventurous activities, romantic wedding/honeymoon locations or wild life (human or animal), Barbados has it all.

Thanks to guest blogger Debi King, an agent at Advance Travel. You can reach Debi toll free at 1-866-712-7047 or email her.

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